Volvo will equip its cars with the new "Clean Zone Multifilter" technology

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

Volvo has equipped its vehicles with premium air quality technology, Clean Zone Multifilter with particle sensor, which allows drivers to breathe clean and healthy air inside their Volvo and cleans the air in the passenger compartment before the trip.

The new Clean Zone Multifilter technology developed by the company includes a sensor that measures particles smaller than 2.5 microns (PM 2.5) in diameter inside the passenger compartment - an option not offered by any other vehicle on the market today.

In China, where measurements of PM 2.5 particles and information services on this subject are very common, Volvo drivers will also be able to compare the quality of the air inside with that outside.

These PM 2.5 measurements are used to analyze the air quality and indicate the amount of fine suspended particles.

In many urban areas around the world PM 2.5 values are higher than recommended by the World Health Organization, highlighting the need to minimize their impact.

Available on all Volvo 90 and 60 series models in the Scalable Architecture Platform (SPA) from this spring, the Advanced Air Filter cleans the cabin of fine particles.

Thanks to its synthetic fiber filter and an ionization process, up to 95% of PM 2.5 particles are kept out of the passenger compartment.

This improves the quality of the vehicle's interior air and reduces the adverse health effects associated with pollution and fine particles.

The improved indoor air quality also contributes to safer driving, as fresh and healthy air increases the driver's concentration.

Drivers of Volvo models equipped with this technology will also be able to use the Volvo On Call app for smartphones (where available) to easily schedule extra cleaning of the indoor air before starting a trip.

The app will also tell drivers the actual PM 2.5 levels inside the cabin after cleaning.

"Thanks to our advanced Multifilter Clean Zone technology, the air you breathe inside a Volvo is cleaner and healthier," said Anders Löfvendahl, Volvo Cars' indoor air quality expert. "We believe that clean air is good from both a health and safety point of view, and we will continue to move forward on this path.

In addition to using the Multifilter Clean Zone technology, Volvo Cars is working on other options aimed at creating a healthy indoor environment. Its engineers have been working for some time to eliminate emissions of organic substances from the vehicle and reduce the use of allergenic materials in the interior.

Volvo maintains strict requirements for contracting suppliers to minimize the generation and emission of odors from parts and materials used in the passenger compartment.

The company also works closely with several universities and other institutions on projects related to the use of materials, as well as on the development and application of increasingly strict standards for its interiors.

A special team of odour assessors, known internally as "The Noses", check the odour emissions of each component both individually and once integrated into the vehicle.

Despite technological advances, this equipment is still essential to the odour control process, as the human nose is much more sensitive than any analysis instrument.

Source: Puros Autos

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