Toyota Etios launches sedan with CNG equipment and factory warranty

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020
Toyota Etios

The Japanese presented the four-door version of the smallest with an original factory gas equipment, a more economical option for day to day

Toyota Argentina presented a compressed natural gas (CNG) propulsion system, developed together with TA Gas Technology, exclusively for Toyota Etios Sedan 0km models in all its versions.

The CNG system for Etios has been customized exclusively for this model. The arrangement of its components ensures non-interference with mechanical or electrical parts, using patterns in the installation processes that allow all units to be the same, respecting approved designs. The guidelines for the development of the CNG system designed specifically for the Etios Sedan were: Safety, Installation, Durability, Performance, with a meticulous validation plan that allows the CNG system to accompany the guarantee of 5 years or 150,000 km (whatever occurs first).

Security and Installation

The components to give life to this combination between Etios and CNG were assembled using specially designed supports, free of welding and mounted protected from deformation zones. Furthermore, their arrangement and the use of special accessories ensure non-interference with mechanical or electrical parts.

Each intervention is treated to avoid corrosion, ingress of dust and a detailed step-by-step assembly process instruction manual guarantees that all installations respect the quality standard.

These passive safety aspects were complemented by the incorporation of a double automatic gas flow interruption system when the unit's ignition is cut off, and an additional pressure relief device installed in the cylinder valve, which releases in a controlled manner. the stored gas, preventing the pressure from increasing in the event of an increase in temperature. Another important aspect regarding the safety of the Natural Gas system developed for the Etios sedan is the approved cylinder support, in which the support area is shaped by laser cutting, which allows copying the geometry of the trunk floor and achieve adequate weight distribution. For its anchoring, 4 "U" shaped counterparts are used that fit the chassis, avoiding its deformation and maximizing the fit.

Durability and performance

The main studies focused on ensuring the durability of the powerplant and the inalterability of the resistant structure. The joint engineering resulted in a less invasive system that maintains the well-known virtues of the Etios Sedan unchanged. Contribute to caring for the environment through the use of natural gas, which is the cleanest combustion fossil fuel, do so with significant operational savings and at the same time enjoy benefits that are perceived to be identical both in operation on gasoline and CNG, It is the result of 14 months of development.

In the CNG TA system for the Etios Sedan, the technology of multi-point sequential injection of natural gas is complemented, which is managed by an electronic control unit ECU and a computer that allows to optimize the ignition advance in gas operation. The combination of both devices makes it possible to generate an operating map with which the best performance is obtained, with a reduction in torque of only 4% and 9% of power. The ECO Mode indicator, on the instrument panel of the Etios Sedan, will help when driving with maximum savings, since it lights up when only CNG is being used. To protect the engine components, under certain driving conditions, the vehicle works in blend mode, where the TA VSR technology allows the dosing of gasoline supplies that vary depending on the engine load requirements.

The VSR system of TA, avoids inappropriate temperatures of the combustion chamber that can generate premature wear of the valves.

The sequential injection of natural gas is carried out through a newly designed injector ramp for the Argentine market, with high response speeds, which allows precise dosing, avoiding the presence of micro-cuts and jerks.

The CNG system for the Etios Sedan is offered with 2 storage options. A 58L and 60 Kg steel cylinder, with which a range of 200 km is obtained, or a light 70L steel and fiber cylinder, also 60Kg, with which more than 280 km can be traveled.

To install the CNG System in the Toyota Etios Sedan 0km, the customer must only request it from their Official Toyota dealer. The concessionaire is responsible for coordinating the CNG installation with the Workshop selected by TA Gas Technology.

All the components of the exclusive CNG System of Etios Sedan comply with the safety standards established by the National Gas Regulatory Entity (ENARGAS). Each element that works under pressure must be approved and for this they must comply with demanding validation tests, which expose the components to conditions much more severe than those of normal use.


Installing the exclusive CNG System for Etios Sedan at a Toyota dealer will maintain the vehicle warranty of 150,000 km or 5 years (whichever comes first). For this, it is necessary for the customer to comply with all the requirements detailed in the vehicle's warranty manual, including performing all maintenance services in the official Toyota dealership network, stipulated in the maintenance plan defined by Toyota Argentina according to model and version.

In turn, the exclusive CNG System also has a guarantee for 150,000 km or 5 years granted by the supplier TA Gas Technology. For this, it is necessary for the customer to carry out the scheduled revisions for the CNG system every 15,000 km or 1 year (whichever comes first) in the Installation Centers certified by TA Gas Technology for this program.

In the periodic reviews of the CNG system, the correct operation of the system is comprehensively verified and the renewal of the qualifying wafer for charging is contemplated at the time of its expiration.

In this way, the customer must take the Etios Sedan to the official Toyota dealership to carry out the periodic maintenance of the vehicle and, in turn, to the Installation Centers selected by TA Gas Technology to carry out the periodic maintenance of the CNG equipment.

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