Toyota, Ford, Fiat and Renault jump on the electric boom: what cars do they offer, prices and advantages?

MAY 04, 2021

Cars and SUVs that combine a combustion engine with an electric one are becoming more and more common in the catalog of automakers operating in Argentina: many of them already offer these models, while others plan to add them to their proposal in 2021.

This decision, which is already a reality in developed countries, promises to be a local trend because many global terminals are planning to stop manufacturing conventional engines in the short term: the deadline is 2025.

"In this market, there is still a lack of knowledge about the operation of new technologies for people to take the risk, and to demystify the issue of higher prices of 0km and maintenance costs for this type of vehicles", says to iProUP the manager of a major automaker.

"Our projections indicate that the demand for hybrid versions will grow more and more", explains to iProUP Gustavo Salinas, Commercial Director of Toyota Argentina, a group that also commercializes Lexus, in the high range, and registers very good results.

"Electric vehicles are part of a change that is here to stay, as it happened at the time with the change from manual to automatic gearboxes. Now, it depends more on infrastructure and other actors to take into account," Conrado Wittstatt, general manager of Audi Argentina, which markets the Audi e-tron electric SUV, told iProUP.

The executive believes that the amounts will gradually catch up with any vehicle with another motorization. "They are more expensive because it is a developing technology and they are not produced at scale," he says.

"We must take into account that there are no more innovations in combustion engines, while there have been large investments in electric plants: all brands announce multimillion-dollar figures in these projects. It is a firm path, and that is why everyone is betting so much", adds the general manager of Audi Argentina.

Source: IProUp

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