The Koleos received slight improvements

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020
One of Renault's longest running

The Koleos, Renault's mid-size (C-segment) SUV, was marketed in our market between 2009 and 2015, a period in which its good looks were characterized by its rounded lines. From 2018, the Koleos reappeared on the scene and did so with a much more haughty lineage (sharp optics, C-shaped daytime running lights, a protruding chrome grille, flared wheel arches and 18" wheels). Recently, he added other differentials.

Although it seems that he didn't need it, Renault passed the scalpel through the front of the Koleos. It adds a new grille and also opens front and rear bumpers, changing the configuration of the auxiliary headlights LED lights, in addition to the entire front light has full LED technology.

Seen from the side, it was decided to change the design of the wheels, which are still 18", while the exterior mirrors added turning lights.

Looking for the exclusive

The Koleos has always been characterized by the generous space it offers to those who are located in the rear seats and by the large capacity of its trunk (942 liters). In its second generation, it surprised by the design of its central console, more precisely by its almost 9" screen (it has a multimedia R-Link system) located vertically. At this stage, the brand decided to replace the front panels and doors with a new wood-like vinyl. Rear passengers can now recline the seat on two levels.

Armed to the teeth

The Koleos joined the group of those offering the automatic parking assistant. It also has a blind spot alarm and front parking sensors. It is complemented by six airbags, stability control (ESP) with hill start assistance, ABS with electronic brake distribution (EBD), emergency brake assist (AFU) and cruise control plus speed limiter.

The same as always

The veteran 170 hp 2.5-liter gasoline engine is maintained. It is associated only with an automatic CVT box (with continuous variator), which was always to our liking. It has the option of choosing a manual mode, where the system sets seven ratios. It still has no cams at the wheel. The Koleos is offered only in its most equipped version, which has 4WD Auto (is distributed variably and automatically between the two axles) and 4WD Lock (50 percent of engine torque goes to the front axle and 50 percent to the rear). Despite this traction system, the tires are one hundred percent for the asphalt, so one can't venture that far. In addition, the spare tire is for temporary use.

Source: La Voz

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