The curious test to which the RAM Rampage was submitted

NOVEMBER 29, 2023
RAM Rampage. Curious test

It lasted 24 hours and took place at the Pan American Circuit in Brazil. The tests showed good results, while Argentina is waiting for her. While the Rampage is expected to arrive in our market in 2024, it is already being offered in Brazil and continues to be subjected to demanding driving tests in which more than 200 people participated. In the 24 hours that marked the passage of November 24 and 25, 2023, the new Rampage took to the track of the Pan-American Circuit and ran uninterruptedly the equivalent of six months of use in just 24 hours. The main track of the Pirelli complex located in the interior of the State of Sao Paulo featured four Rampage R/T units, one of which covered more than 1,850 km. Adding up the distances of the four Rampages that ran on the Pan American Circuit in this 24-hour period (totaling more than 5,000 kilometers) would be enough to draw a parallel with a customer's normal use of approximately six months. It is worth mentioning that even on a speed track, none of the units underwent any type of preparation, remaining original and identical to those sold at dealerships. At the same time, tire inflation was kept within the original standards. In general terms, the drivers took turns at the helm of the four units, some driving for 20 minutes, others for up to two hours. In total, two pairs of front tires and one pair of rear tires were changed, plus a set of brake pads were used after about 12 hours of running. The event called "Rampage 24 Hours" had the R/T version as the one that completed the most laps on the circuit, achieving a total of 546 laps. This value in the other units was not necessarily repeated, as there was no procedure or speed limitation. The arrival of the Ram Rampage in our country is scheduled for 2024 and will represent a before and after within the brand because it will be the first model of the company to be offered in the compact pick-up segment in Argentina. Fuente: Parabrisas

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