The Chinese hybrid car that wants to dethrone the Toyota Corolla has already arrived in Brazil

MAY 31, 2024
BYD King

Among the more than five thousand cars that BYD has just brought to the neighboring country on its own boat is the King, a modern plug-in sedan that aims to take the segment by storm. The Chinese automaker BYD has been generating a lot of noise in the industry for several months. Announcement of investment and production of electric cars in Brazil and the launch of the Shark hybrid pick-up are the news that made the most impact in our region. However, at the beginning of the year BYD made headlines around the world for the Explorer 1, the first appearance of the Chinese company's own cargo ship to distribute its cars in every corner of the planet, in addition to using the service of other companies. shipping companies for such purposes. With the capacity to transport up to 7,000 vehicles, after 27 days of travel this week the Explorer 1 docked at the Port of Suape (Pernambuco), to unload 5,549 hybrid and 100% electric cars that will soon be available in Brazilian dealerships. No wonder, according to BYD's own managers, Brazil is now the company's largest market outside of Asia. And among all the models that arrived in this imposing vessel is the BYD King, a medium sedan with which the Asian firm intends to take on the successful Toyota Corolla Hybrid. What is the BYD King like? The mission of this modern sedan is very clear: beat the sales leader in the segment, none other than the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, a model that has just been updated in Argentina and you can read our test by CLICKING HERE. Its body measures 4.78 meters long and 2.71 m between axles, that is, it is 8 and 1 cm longer than the Japanese brand's sedan, respectively. However, the 450 liters of trunk capacity is below the Corolla (470 l). Under the hood, BYD King mounts a Plug-In hybrid system composed of a 1.5 aspirated thermal engine with 110 HP and 13.4 kgm of torque in combination with an electric drive with 197 horsepower and 33.4 kgm of maximum torque. The transmission is an eCVT automatic and front-wheel drive. Although BYD does not communicate the combined power of this model, it should be noted that this set uses an 18.4 kWh battery, which according to the brand guarantees about 100 kilometers in 100% electric mode. Given this feature, an advantage of the King over the Corolla Hybrid is also supposed to be performance. The Chinese brand claims that its sedan can travel on average 28 km/l, far exceeding the 19.5 km/l measured by Windscreen in the Toyota sedan. As is often the case with the Asian giant's most modern cars, the BYD King is very well equipped. It has a digital dashboard and a 15.6-inch rotating multimedia center, dual-zone climate control, 4G WiFi network on board, electric front seats, reclining rear seats and inductive charger, among other elements. As for safety, front, side and curtain airbags, as well as a complete driving assistance package (ADAS). The BYD King will begin to be sold in Brazil next July with a value close to 200,000 reais (about 38 thousand dollars). Will it arrive in Argentina? Fuente: Parabrisas

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