New guidelines for car and motorcycle transfers are now in effect

APRIL 05, 2021
The physical verification is a check performed on each vehicle to verify that the engine number, chassis number and type of vehicle match.

The Government extended the period of obligation to perform physical verifications of cars and motorcycles, which started to be in force as from Monday and is an essential procedure for transfers.

The physical verification is a review carried out on each vehicle to verify that the engine number, chassis number and type of vehicle correspond to what is specified in the documentation of the unit.

The National Directorate of Motor Vehicle Property Registries (DNRPA) -an agency under the Ministry of Justice- decided that as from April 5 it will be mandatory to verify the transfer of motor vehicles initially registered as from January 1, 2001, and also for motor vehicles of national manufacture registered as from January 1, 2004.

New guidelines for the transfer of cars and motorcycles are already in force.

The physical verifications are carried out in plants that are in charge of experts from the different police forces in the country, authorized by the DNRPA.

This type of verification is part of the numerous procedures that accompany the life of a vehicle, but it has nothing to do with the better known Vehicle Technical Verification (VTV), which is performed annually.

The DNRPA is empowered to verify or arrange for the verification that the vehicles have not undergone changes or adulterations in the parts that make them up as such.

Thus, the physical verification of motor vehicles and motorcycles is the tool that will allow to know the existence of inconsistencies between the registration documentation and what the vehicle actually reflects.

All the measures taken "are aimed at achieving, in a more complete way, the standards of legal certainty that the Registry System of Motor Vehicles must provide to citizens," said the head of the DNRPA, María Doro Urquiza.

On the other hand, the agency also reminded that as from next Monday, the Identification Cards for Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles, usually known as "Green Cards", will be valid for one year as from their issuance and not for three years, as the previous Government had stipulated at the time.

"It is appropriate to establish the term of validity of one year for the Motor Vehicle Identification Cards, as it was in force for more than ten years until the modification; by virtue of strengthening the legal security, providing clarity and transparency both to the information in the domain files, and to the documentation that is delivered to the users", expressed Doro Urquiza.

How much salary it takes to buy a car

Buying a car in the entry-level segment of the market is much more difficult for the average person today than it was two years ago. While 11.2 average salaries were needed in 2018, today more than 19 are needed.

This situation particularly affects those entering the market for the first time and accentuates the trend that has been evident for a few years now. In 6 years, the percentage of sales to people who had never owned a car fell from 36% to 22%, having reached a low of 19% in the middle of last year.

"Here there are cultural issues associated with the relationship that the new generations have with cars and mobility, but there is still ground to recover", said Acara.

February maintained the positive trend of the first month of the year for the automotive sector. In total, 30,141 vehicles were patented, which represented an increase of almost 9% year-on-year, since 27,679 units had been registered in February 2020, according to data from the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (ACARA).

Source: IProfesional

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