Maintaining a small car now costs more than $25,000 per month

JANUARY 13, 2021

Maintaining a small car costs, on average, $25,895 per month, or $265,140 per year (taking into account that the patent is paid bi-monthly). The data, comes after analyzing the expenses of a Chevrolet Onix LT Tech, model 2020 that is driven by the circuit of the City of Buenos Aires.

Although the final number of expenses that must be paid to maintain a car depends on its use, model and extraordinary expenses, to arrive at these figures, the following were taken into account: license fees, garage rental, insurance against third parties, two gas tanks and a monthly car wash.

The item that weighs the most today and modifies the final number when it comes to maintaining a car is fuel. Currently, the liter of super gasoline is quoted at $69.40. In this case, the use of two tanks per month was taken, which with a capacity of 54 liters implies the disbursement of $7,495, a number that jumps to $8,661 if the premium gasoline is consumed, which after the last increase quotes in $80.20.

Then, an insurance against third parties was taken for which $4,600 must be disbursed per month, although there are also more expensive in the case of those who choose against all risks.

As for the garage, although many do not have this item, the prices, as is also the case in other areas, vary according to the neighborhood. In this case, a garage located in Belgrano was taken, for which the owner of the Chevrolet Onix pays $5,500 per month, while last year he paid $4,500.

The same is true for the car wash. Today, there are offers in the city that start at $250 and go up to $900. For the example, a car wash was chosen whose common wash costs $700 and for that it took one cleaning per month.

On the other hand, beyond these practically obligatory expenses for the maintenance of a vehicle, it would be necessary to add extraordinary expenses in the case of a car that is more than 3 years old (although it does not apply to this example), such as the VTV that currently costs $1,838 in the City of Buenos Aires, but will increase from next month to $2,665.

In addition, you should consider the service that is done at least once a year to keep the car in good condition. Although its price varies according to each vehicle, it is estimated to pay approximately $10,000.

Another item to take into account is tolls. If to the disbursement of the more than $25,000 per month, daily tolls are added to the round trip access to the north, for example to Pilar, the figure to maintain a small car increases about $3,000, in case you travel to Capital Federal daily. In addition, for those who live in the province, two tanks of gasoline would be added to this daily route.

Finally, other expenses such as oil changes or eventual repairs should be taken into account.

Only two years ago, the monthly disbursement that had to be made to maintain a car of this type was approximately $14,000, a figure that, updated to this day, has almost doubled. All items have become more expensive as inflation has taken its toll and drivers feel it in their pockets.

Source: Ámbito

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