KIA Concept EV3 and Concept EV4 preview the brand's new electrics

OCTOBER 23, 2023
Kia EV3 y EV4

The South Korean company's battery-powered mobility strategy has two new members. On the occasion of the "KIA EV Day", an annual event organized by the South Korean brand to (in the purest style of technology companies) advance its news in electric mobility, KIA presented two concepts. In case you don't remember, KIA began a new era in 2021 by presenting the EV6, its first battery-powered model. Then, in March of this year, it unveiled the EV9, a range-topping seven-seat SUV. Later in time, it added the EV5, making three members of the electric herd of the automaker, which will soon have several more. In line with its next steps, KIA unveiled the Concept EV3 and Concept EV4 at the aforementioned event. Previously, so little was known about these models that it was even normal to see different renderings and spy photos with the names changed. Which one is which? Let's see. KIA Concept EV3 The Concept EV3 will be something like the younger brother of the EV5 and EV9. For many, it could even be the successor to the Soul EV or a more sophisticated sibling of the Niro EV, with a more urban design. The brand talks a lot about the "Joy for Reason" concept, which the brand's designer, the renowned Karim Habib, tries to summarize as follows: "Joy can be seen as the antithesis of reason. One is a positive emotional response and the other is derived from logic. However, when the two are combined, their contrasting qualities merge into a powerful, high-impact design." Applied to the vehicle, KIA contrasted a robust body with a more dynamic silhouette, including a cabin with a sweeping diagonal windshield, a "floating" roof and asymmetrically angled fender cutouts. Inside, the Concept EV3 pursues the same principles, combining comfort and a spacious cabin with modern effects, "soft" colors, minimalist shapes and interesting features, such as "mini tables" that can change their length, position and angle. The folding rear bench seat is flexible and can be folded upwards without much effort, allowing good-sized luggage such as electric scooters and bicycles to be stowed. Fuente: Autocosmos

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