In addition to the Tasman, Kia is preparing a compact pick-up truck.

MAY 30, 2024
Kia is preparing a compact pick-up truck.

The South Korean brand thinks beyond the next midsize truck and is preparing to develop the first cousin of the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Kia is finalizing details for the presentation of the Tasman, a medium-sized pick-up that will be one of the brand's stars for this year, although marketing would begin in 2025. However, as had been announced at the end of the last decade, the South Korean firm's idea was to launch not only a one-ton (medium) truck, but also a smaller model that is a first cousin of the Hyundai Santa Cruz. In turn, in these projects, the same fate would befall the partner brand (Hyundai), since in the coming years it should follow the opposite path: after the debut of a compact truck (Santa Cruz), now the focus would be on a "big brother" of the middle segment. In the case of Hyundai there is still not much data, but in recent days, Kia began testing a half-ton pick-up in California (United States), as revealed by Cars Guide, thanks to photographs from KindelAuto. At least the "captured" variant is fully electric (combustion or hybrid units are also expected) and is mounted on a monocoque platform. The first target market will be North America, although it is expected to gradually expand into other regions of the world. In relation to the public, it will follow the same steps as its first cousin (Santa Cruz), Ford Maverick, among other pick-ups in the segment, combining load and towing capacity, without leaving aside the comforts of an SUV. At least the photographed configuration had two electric motors, all-wheel drive, while the autonomy should be around 480 kilometers and a 100 kWh battery. When would it be presented? The debut would take place in 2025, although it would only reach dealerships in 2026. Fuente: Parabrisas

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