General Motors resumed the investment plan to manufacture a new model in Argentina

OCTOBER 14, 2020
General Motors prepares its Argentine plant for a new model

After a pause due to the pandemic, the U.S. automaker resumed spending $300 million at the Santa Fe plant.

General Motors announced that, after a slowdown due to the pandemic, last month it resumed the $300 million investment plan to produce a new Chevrolet brand vehicle at the General Alvear plant, outside Rosario, Santa Fe.

According to the automotive company's press release, in the coming months the remodeling and expansion works of the industrial center will be focused on the expansion of the press, bodywork, painting and assembly plants, and on the installation of a new bodywork line. The latter should be completed by September 2021.

The model that General Motors will manufacture at General Alvear has not been confirmed yet, but the automaker mentions that "it will have as its main destination the export market.

Although it is not official, all rumors point out that the next national Chevrolet model will be the new generation of the Tracker, which was recently put on sale in Argentina, for now imported from Brazil.

According to TN Autos, the commercial launch of the future Argentinean model is scheduled for 2022. Until that time, the local market will continue to be supplied by the Brazilian factory, which together with the General Alvear factory will export to different countries in the region.

At present, the only model that General Motors manufactures in Argentina is the Chevrolet Cruze with sedan bodywork. Once the vehicle in question arrives (will it finally be the Tracker?) the Cruze will continue to be manufactured in the same way, they will live together in the plant.

Source: TN Autos

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