Ford Maverick Hybrid is launched in Argentina and its price is as follows

MAY 23, 2023
Maverick Hybrid

The electrified variant of the compact pickup arrives to the domestic market. Technical specifications, equipment and more, in this article. The Ford Maverick Hybrid is presented in Argentina, a variant of the compact pickup that marks a break in the segment, being the first of its kind in the domestic market. It also marks the beginning of the arrival of Ford's electrified models in 2023, the year in which two other launches will take place. Ford Maverick Hybrid: Powertrain The powertrain of the Maverick Hybrid is composed of a 2.5L gasoline engine, which delivers 164 hp and 210 Nm of torque, and an electric engine, which reaches 128 hp and 235 Nm. The combination, which delivers 194 hp, works with an e-CVT automatic transmission, while the traction is front-wheel drive. The Maverick Hybrid has a 1.1 kWh lithium-ion battery, which is powered while the pick-up is in motion by an electric generator (transforms mechanical energy into electric energy) and the regenerative braking system. In addition, when used in electric, hybrid mode or only with the combustion engine, the Maverick Hybrid offers a lower consumption than the base variant, according to the brand. Ford Maverick Hybrid: More details The Maverick Hybrid weighs 2,359 kg, which is just over 50 kg heavier than the XLT version (2,304 kg). Its load capacity is 655 kg, 15 kg less than the base variant, while the maximum traction capacity is 400 kg, almost 100 kg less (99 kg) than the XLT. Then, and beyond the addition of logos on the exterior (with the word "Hybrid") and the relevant update of the instrument panel, the Maverick Hybrid has virtually no differences with respect to its combustion sisters. In terms of equipment, it is based on what is offered by the Lariat FX4. If you want to know everything about the Maverick, you can see the complete test drive we did a little over a year ago. There, you can learn about its exterior, interior, and behavior, among other aspects of the "chata". Ford Maverick Hybrid: Pricing Coming from Mexico, the Maverick Hybrid is the second electrified pick-up that Ford offers in the Argentine market (F-150, the other one). It is offered with a general warranty of three years or up to 100,000 kilometers, while the battery and hybrid system components have a warranty of eight years or 160,000 km. To know the price of the Maverick Hybrid, we recommend you to visit the Autocosmos Catalog, where you will find the updated values, technical data, equipment, safety and you will also have the possibility to compare it with any other model sold in the national market. Fuente: Autocosmos

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