FIAT Fastback, first driving impression

MAY 24, 2023
FIAT Fastback

Autocosmos drove the new Crossover SUV of the Italian brand and we will tell you all the impressions it left on us. The Fastback is the new FIAT model we were waiting for this year in Argentina. The brand defines it as a compact SUV coupe, although we could also speak of a sedan / coupe high, or even a crossover. The truth is that the Fastback follows a trend that was born in 2008 with the BMW X6, which consists of mixing an SUV base with a fastback silhouette (which brands love to describe as a coupe) and has since expanded to products of various sizes and segments. FIAT Fastback: Powertrains We traveled to the Dominican Republic for the regional launch of the model unveiled in Brazil towards the end of 2022. For now we do not know the versions that could come to Argentina, nor if we will finally see it in 2023 or we will have to wait until next year. The model was presented regionally in four versions, with two powertrain options (engine/box) and equipment levels. The Drive, Audace and Impulse variants will be powered by the T200 three-cylinder turbo engine with 120 hp and 200 Nm, coupled to a CVT automatic gearbox. The range-topping version (by Abarth or Limited, depending on the market) uses the T270 engine, a four-cylinder 1.3 Turbo, with 175 hp and 270 Nm, managed by a six-speed automatic transmission. FIAT Fastback More than a CrossCronos? The Fastback measures 4.43 meters long 1.77 meters wide 2.53 meters between axles. The base is the MLA platform, a clean pass of that of Argo and Cronos that debuted in the Pulse. The rear drum brakes are maintained, but the brand indicates that the Fastback brakes in less distance than its competitors (although it does not indicate what those competitors are). FIAT Fastback: first driving contact To test the dynamic qualities of the new SUV "Coupé", we drove about 200 kilometers between Punta Cana and La Romana, in the eastern region of the island, mostly on extremely straight highways, but we also drove through the city and did a short stretch on a dirt road. Towards the end we were able to test it on a small demarcated circuit to test its agility and braking ability. Here are our conclusions: The Fastback and Pulse share the platform and many mechanical and body components, but feel like distant cousins. Almost all of the shortcomings that are evident in the Pulse, such as perceived quality and interior space, were aptly addressed in this new model. The new Fastback is a pure Mercosur product. It looks well built and uses plastics of different qualities, with different textures, but they are all well adjusted, with no sharp edges, no visible gaps. The Fastback looks bigger than its numbers indicate, although the most striking feature is the good interior roominess and cargo capacity that the brand has achieved by adding just 35 cm compared to the Pulse. There is more than generous space for passengers and not to mention the trunk, which offers 600 liters. The key is in the adjustment of the rear seats, which are slightly lower and have more reclining backrests. The FIAT Fastback is a comfortable car to travel and move around the city. The front and rear seats are well designed, the body is comfortable and well supported, there is a good soundproofing of the cabin. correct soundproofing of the passenger compartment the climate control works very well. the driving position is easy to find (even though the steering wheel does not have dual adjustment) the dashboard feels very intuitive. All the driving assists work perfectly, and are not too intrusive. The Traction Control + offered by the Fastback operates very quickly in the dirt and keeps the car in permanent traction. Both engines are very good, both in performance figures and in their normal performance in this model that weighs less than 1,300 kilograms. The T200 is the perfect engine for daily use, low fuel consumption and a good response on a normal basis. It remains to be seen how it behaves on climbs, but at least on the flat it more than meets the Fastback's requirements. Of course, it is a three-cylinder block that sounds like a three-cylinder block, and is quite loud at idle. At 120 km/h, the 1.0 turbo revs to 2,800 rpm, a relatively high rpm, although it does not feel at all "coiled" and is elastic enough to push a little more. The continuously variable type gearbox dulls performance with its insatiable pursuit of smoothness and efficiency. The T270 is a super engine that I think will be a great fit for this car, thinking of those who like sporty design. Perhaps it is a lot of power for a car for daily use, but the response to acceleration is very good and immediate. The merit goes to a new 6-speed automatic gearbox, which is quicker to react and adapts better to the driver's requirements, making everything go more smoothly. As in the T200, the elasticity of this engine is surprising, being able to accelerate very decisively until after 4,000 rpm. We can't talk about fuel consumption because we didn't do any such tests, but at first glance, neither of the two will stand out for being extremely efficient, although they won't be out of tune in this area either. Front end and suspension settings are key. While the Pulse tends to float the nose and offers too soft suspension, the Fastback balances comfort and poise to offer the best of both worlds, being very comfortable on rough asphalt and dirt roads, and quite firm in curves. Despite its 190 mm ground clearance and high center of gravity, the Fastback feels well poised, controls body roll and is neutral in feedback. We tested it on a special track and it was agile on corner entry and quite flat on exit. In a first impression, I did not notice any deficiency in braking due to the drum brake on the rear wheels, nor did I feel any pedal weakness. And we demanded it for several laps on this same circuit and it always responded well. The negative points are few, although this is only a first impression. It only has four airbags The rear brakes are drum brakes The steering wheel only has height adjustment, The armrest moved freely when you moved your arm over it. The FIAT Fastback shows that the brand wants to position it above the Pulse, not only by external measures, but also by general performance. Let's hope to see it soon in Argentina. Fuente: Autocosmos

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