Brazil - Used vehicle sales show recovery and give life to the sector

JULY 30, 2020
Brazil - Rebound in the sale of used cars

The used vehicle market is constantly moving toward normalization of pre-pandemic sales, according to figures released by Fenauto, an entity representing independent pre-owned used car dealers. The data shows the constant evolution of the segment numbers, including the results of the penultimate week of July.

According to the survey, the average daily sales made between July 20 and 26 was 8.02% higher (totaling 54,232 vehicles) than the previous week, and this also showed growth in relation to the average for the second week of the month . With this result, the entity is betting on the recovery of the sector, which should reach the volumes seen before the pandemic in the first week of August.

"This positive movement has been repeated for a few weeks, practically without interruptions, and this indicates that the used car sector is in a process of recovery faster than the market for new ones," says Ilídio dos Santos, president of Fenauto. "We believe that if this positive movement persists, we will have the market normalized as early as August, with the numbers that we had registered at the beginning of the year and that brought good prospects for 2020, we hope that this will continue," concludes the leader.

Source: Fenabrave

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