Brazil - Even with restrictions, motorcycle production continues to increase

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020
Brazil - motorcycle production continues to increase

Despite the restrictions that still exist, which prevent full operation, the motorcycle industry installed in the PIM, the Manaus Industrial Pole, continues to produce in an upward and consistent curve, according to the balance released this Thursday 10 by Abraciclo.

With 98,358 units manufactured in August, the sector managed to increase production by 0.4% compared to July, when 97,920 total assembly lines remained. It should be noted that the volume could have been higher if it had not been for two less business days than last month.

"Since the gradual resumption of industrial activities in May, motorcycle production has shown a consistent upward curve," says Marcos Fermanian, president of Abraciclo. "The production could be even higher, but the factories still operate with restrictions, since the priority is to preserve the health of the employees, complying with the health security protocols."

In view of the still limited supply, the two-wheeler industry does not meet current market demand. "We continue to attend to delays in the deliveries of consortiums, for example, which represent around 25% of motorcycle sales in Brazil," adds Fermanian.

In the accumulated from January to August, 588,495 motorcycles were manufactured, which represents a decrease of 20.9% compared to the same period of the previous year (743,556 units).


According to data from Renavam already anticipated by Fenabrave, 95,961 motorcycles were registered in August, which is equivalent to an increase of 12.7% compared to July (85,148 units). In relation to August of last year (88,625), the expansion was 8.3%.

The daily average of sales for last month, which had 21 business days, was 4,570 units, which indicates an increase of 23.4% compared to July (3,702 units). Compared to August 2019, the increase in this same type of comparison reached 13.4%.

"These figures prove the role of the motorcycle in the current scenario, being a safe alternative to get around, as well as a source of income for many people who lost their jobs or saw their earnings diminish", analyzes the president of Abraciclo. Among other factors that have also contributed to boosting sales, the executive mentions the greater supply of credit and the lower maintenance cost of motorcycles compared to cars.

By category, Off-Road and Scooter registered the highest growth in sales. In the first case, the increase in wholesale sales in August compared to July was 113.9%, with 614 delivered last month. Scooters totaled 7,727 units, an increase of 65.7%.

In absolute numbers, Calle remained the most traded category in the wholesale trade, with 50,662 units in August, an increase of 0.5% compared to the previous month (50,393 motorcycles) and 7.2% compared to the same month in August. last year (47,255 units).

Source: Fenabrave

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