Aventador successor will have carbon chassis

MARCH 14, 2023

After showing us the V12 hybrid, Lamborghini shows us another preview of its new hypercar known so far as LB744. Days go by and we keep getting news about Lamborghini's next supercar. After the images and audios leaked during the first weeks of the year, in recent days it was the Italian house itself which released previews of what will be the successor to the Aventador. In January, we knew the sound that will emanate the first hybrid supercar of the firm of Sant' Agata Bolognese, in addition to a series of sketches that confirmed that it was the model seen in tests in mid-2022. Then, already in February, it was leaked what would be the final appearance of its exterior. Starting in March, Lamborghini decided to present the powertrain system of the model now known as LB744, which is composed of a new 6.5L V12 and three electric motors, which together will reach a power of 1,015 hp. In the last hours, the brand of the bull unveiled new details, this time about the chassis of the future supercar. It seems that it will feature several interesting aspects, which we now go over. Lamborghini LB744: New features Lamborghini calls the LB744 chassis as "monofuselage". It is a monocoque chassis based on aeronautics, composed entirely of carbon fiber, and whose front part is made of "Forged Composites" ("Forged Components"), a material patented by the brand in 2008, and which includes carbon fiber and resin. According to the brand, its future supercar will be the first of its kind to have a front structure made of 100% carbon fiber. It is worth remembering that this material is not only lighter than aluminum, for example, but also has twice the energy absorption in the event of impacts compared to metal. Compared to the front section of the Aventador chassis (made of aluminum), the same area of the LB744 "is 20% lighter", according to Lamborghini, while the overall monocoque is 10% lighter. Torsional rigidity has increased by 25%. The rest of the supercar also includes carbon fiber sections, as well as high-strength aluminum alloys. In addition, other details that allow to reduce the weight of the model with respect to its predecessor are a series of developments made in the suspension, which will also help to gain rigidity. The fact that Lamborghini's work on its new model has as one of its main axes the reduction of weight with respect to the Aventador is directly related to the addition of electric motors and battery pack, which logically entails extra weight. Lamborghini LB744: Launching What could be called the Revuelto will be unveiled in the next few weeks, according to Lamborghini. Everything would indicate that it will be presented towards the end of this month, so it would not be surprising that in the coming days the brand will unveil new advances. Fuente: Autocosmos

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