No dollars are released and car supply dries up at Rosario and Santa Fe dealerships

SEPTEMBER 02, 2021

The lack of dollars in the Central Bank today prevents any Santa Fe resident from being able to buy the car he/she wants. The monetary authority is not releasing the necessary foreign currency to authorize imports of both vehicles and auto parts, which makes the lack of models alarming.

"We are living a terrible situation, it is the worst month of the year", pointed out to ON24 Jorge Pesado Castro, representative for Santa Fe in Acara (Association of Automotive Dealers of the Republic) and Citroën, Hyundai and Chrysler dealer, among other brands. "There are neither imported nor national cars, because the Secretariat of Industry does not authorize import requests due to the fact that the Central Bank does not provide it with dollars", he explained.

With regard to nationally manufactured models, it happens that, according to the terminals, some have 50% of imported components and others up to 70%, then, "there are brands that have finished cars but do not have airbags to put in them, and they have them lying on the grass", he detailed.

According to the local businessman, although some models can still be found, he regretted that "the most interesting or the most demanded ones will surely not be available because there are none left". He even pointed out that some dealers have oversold units for next month or the following month, but he said that "this should be taken very carefully, because we don't know how the situation will turn out".

Unlike months ago, this time the situation does not discriminate by segments. Only commercial cars "are a little more favored within the difficulties", such as pick-ups or small trucks, Pesado Castro pointed out, who affirmed that this is a pressing scenario, because although "we have been rebounding" in sales, he calculated that this August "will end with about 25,000 patented cars, when we should be talking about 35,000 at least".

In addition, he said that he sees "little possibility that in September the situation could improve", taking into account that it is an electoral month.

Meanwhile, Pesado Castro stressed that this context has not had an impact on upward adjustments, although he did clarify that there are no margins for large bonuses, so that the pre-owned segment has become more important, becoming worth almost as much as a zero kilometer car, even, he specified. Also, the sale through savings plans, with delivery in the second or fourth installment, has become more important as an alternative to the demand for vehicles.

Source: ON 24

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